Road to Bethlehem - The Story

The Road to Bethlehem story is centred on the wonderful love of a God who intersected time and space, and sent His Son to our world as a baby; as Emmanuel, “God with us”. Jesus was given to us to show us a better way to live, by the law of love, and to give us a Saviour, a perfect offering to cover our evil state. This story detailed in the Bible, a book like no other. Written over 1,500 years ago by 45 different authors, all being of one accord. No book has been validated more, translated more, or impacted more lives.

The constant theme of the earlier part of the Bible, depicts One, the “Messiah” (a name meaning the ‘anointed One”) who would come to rescue God’s people. Proof of Jesus’ authenticity, as this Messiah, was validated by the many prophecies recorded in the Old Testament, and fulfilled centuries later. In Bethlehem, there was a genocide of infant boys after His birth, He was be rejected by the Jews, betrayed by a friend (Judas), sold for 30 pieces of silver, remain silent when accused, crucified with sinners, then returned to life three days later. Each of these prophecies became a reality in the life of Jesus.

Miracles performed during Jesus’ life were experienced by thousands of people. Historians have documented how Jesus restored sight to the blind, healed leprosy, and fed multitudes. Likewise Jesus’ resurrection from death was recorded – and witnessed by over 500 people.

The Jews who were awaiting the Messiah, were expecting him to be a traditional style king who would rescue them from Roman oppression. But in fact, God had a bigger picture in mind. Eternity was at stake. Evil wasn’t part of God’s original plan when the human race was created, and it certainly could not exist in a perfect heaven. Jesus became a bargaining chip in a cosmic battle between good and evil. Being the Son of God, only He could suffice as a substitute or “sin offering”. The condition being, He must lead a perfect life. And the rest is, as they say, history.

One man, God’s representative in human form. God with skin and a beating heart. How could this be? It is a mystery beyond the reasoning of the finite human mind. The world would never be the same after the event of that first Christmas where Jesus was gifted to us. 

Today 30% of the world’s population are followers of Jesus Christ. Sadly 90,000 people die for their faith every year. Are these people crazy? Or convicted to learn about the power of Jesus freely available in our everyday lives? Talk to a Christian…or talk to Him yourself.

“For God loved the world so much, that He gave us His one and only Son, so that all who open their hearts and trust in Him and His love, will be healed and therefore not perish, but have everlasting life”.
John 3:16 (The Remedy Bible)