What you need to know

  1. Tickets are required for anyone over 2 years of age, to go on the drama tour.

  2. All tickets are FREE.

  3. Drama tour sessions leave every 10 minutes from 6.20pm.

  4. There are 80 tickets available per session.

  5. There will ALWAYS be tickets available if you line up at the gate. Tickets for half of most groups will be available at the ticket booth inside the market area on the night. Half of each session only is booked online.

  6. Due to the gates only opening at 6.15pm, the first two sessions (6.20pm and 6.30pm) are totally booked online.

  7. Door tickets are only available for that night.


If the online tickets are sold out there are still approximately 800 tickets available at the gate each night covering all available time slots.

Some tickets may be refunded during the booking times, so please check to see if any tickets become available at different times.


When you have your online tickets

  1. Please print out your tickets or have an electronic confirmation of an online booking.
  2. Online bookings still need to be redeemed for a tour sticker per person, from the ticket booth, in order to go on the tour.
Soldier and sheep


We are photographing and filming this event. The photos and video footage will be used for promoting the Road to Bethlehem event in both print and online media.

If you do not wish to be recorded in any way, please let a Road to Bethlehem representative know. Reasonable efforts will be undertaken to comply with your request.